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About LiveDo USA

Live Strong, Live Passionately


We support peoples "Power of Living" from

the "Care & Cure" field of senior/nursing care.


Our brand of premium adult diapers are recognized

worldwide for being high quality and dependable. 

At LiveDo, we aim to entrust a new meaning for life! 

"Live a more positive life and enjoy more activities in our life."


LiveDo USA Inc. is a subsidiary company of LiveDo Corporation in Japan. Since it's foundation on April 1, 1965, LiveDo Corporation has developed our corporation primarily as "Specialist Manufacturers" of disposable diapers. 


In December 2004, LiveDo USA began production in Wilson, NC. We continue to press ahead to achieve the highest quality in management. We are committed to being the "closest partner" for people in the Care & Cure community of senior/nursing care business and medical industry. We have been, and will always be sharing the problems with our clients and consumers. We continue to work together with our stakeholders for the better solutions and products, based on the strength of our flexibility, creativity, and responsiveness. 

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